Wedding Photography

east-mountains-wedding-photography-clarke-conde Wedding PhotographyAlbuquerque wedding photographers are a diverse bunch and the process of finding one that fits both your style and budget can be challenging. After twenty years and hundreds of weddings, my approach to shooting weddings is still a bit different than the wedding industry norms. Here’s how:

A La Carte Pricing I understand that weddings are expensive, which is why I only charge a flat rate to photographing your wedding and leave all the other decisions about prints and albums up to you for after the wedding. My pricing starts at $1000.

An Editorial Approach I am a full-time editorial photographer and I strive to tell the story of your wedding, not the exact same story at every wedding. I prefer to focus on creating elegant formal portraits and capturing the candid moments as the day unfolds, rather than direct the “action” throughout the day. It is, after all, your wedding, not my photo shoot.

A Personal Photographer I don’t contract other photographers to go to your wedding and I don’t bring assistants with me. I give you my undivided attention by limiting the number of weddings I photograph each year and focusing on the people that are important to you rather than my staff.

wedding-photography-06 Wedding PhotographyNothing Cheesy I will not ask your entire wedding party to jump in the air or you to look moony-eyed at the groom. Elegance is rarely found in a cliché.

Black & White Black and white photographs are timeless and they look beautiful framed and hung in your home. I always approach a wedding with an eye towards creating a few black and white portraits that will live on for generations.

Editing and Retouching Included I personally do all of the editing and retouching for your wedding. I never outsource your wedding to someone else.

Availability I would be happy to meet with you at my studio in Albuquerque’s Old Town to discuss your wedding. The first step is to send me an email – clarke {at} condephotography {dot} com or call me at 505-288-6727.