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wir +work in rochesterWork in Rochester is a field guide to the economic life of Rochester, New York. Daily, throughout 2011, I interviewed and photographed people at work in Rochester for the book Work in Rochester,  creating a personal and intimate visual record of the men and woman that collectively create our local economy.   Rochestrians will find many familiar faces among the 365 photographs that run the gamut of the local economy from senators to bankers to barkeeps to bums. Outsiders will find a time capsule of  a Rust Belt city from a photographer on the ground shooting everyday.

Here are a few of my favorites.

You can see all 365 on the project blog here.

You can buy the book at Amazon here.

work-in-rochester-148 +work in rochesterMay 28 2011 – Heavenly sells Gatorade and flowers from her driveway in the North Winton Village.

work-in-rochester-265 +work in rochesterSeptember 22 2011 – Faruk took a leap of faith, quit his job and opened his own custom jewelry shop in Village Gate several years ago.   He says it’s tough running the shop solo, but this year business has been better than most.

work-in-rochester-087 +work in rochesterMarch 28 2011 – Angelo sells reptiles for a living from his shop on the corner of Winton and Main. I asked if the jungle carpet python he was holding bites and he said “Oh yeah. Everything bites.”

work-in-rochester-181 +work in rochester June 30 2011 – Martin explains the improvements that the Army Corp. of Engineers made to the Charlotte pier.

work-in-rochester-056 +work in rochesterFebruary 25 2011 – Rick and Douglas shovel driveways off South Ave for $20.

work-in-rochester-040 +work in rochesterFebruary 9 2011 – Manol has to haul a shopping cart full of scrap metal the mile and a half from East Avenue to the scrap yard on Portland to get paid.

You can see all 365 on the project blog here.  You can buy the book at Amazon here.